ONC Releases Interoperability Roadmap for Public Comment

The ONC is staying on top of their word, today releasing their draft 10-year health IT interoperability roadmap for public comment.

Read the details of the plan here:

The ONC also published an interoperability infographic that includes some great facts about our current system and how to get to a desired future state of an interoperable system, which ONC is coining as a “Learning Health System.” Below is a brief capture of the graphic.



ONC is currently accepting public comments and key commitments on the draft Roadmap for approximately 60 days which will end at 5pm ET on April 3, 2015.

See our previous news post, HealthUnity Votes Yes to an Interoperable Healthcare System to read about the activity surrounding and leading up to this release.

To learn more about HealthUnity’s support of an interoperable healthcare system, visit our TRANSFORMEDICINE section in which we discuss our technology infrastructure designed to connect, exchange and analyze health data for a value-based healthcare system.


HealthUnity’s TRANSFORMEDICINE – An Interoperable Healthcare System

As we move into 2015, it looks like another another big year for healthcare IT.

The successful demonstration of ACOs and care coordination efforts has heightened the discussion of the need for an interoperable healthcare system, with the ONC taking lead on presenting tactics to support such a system within the next decade.

At HealthUnity, we have been developing our solutions to ensure we can partner with our customers to see them through these transformative years. With these exciting changes ahead, we are thrilled to introduce TRANSFORMEDICINETM. Chillmark Research appropriately coined HIE 2.0 a year back when discussing the next phase of health information exchange. We have taken it a step further; TRANSFORMEDICINE, powered by HealthUnity solutions, incorporates six key elements in creating a connected and accountable healthcare system:

  • Interoperability
  • Safe and Secure Communication
  • Care Coordination
  • Population Health
  • Patient Engagement
  • Interconnection between HIEs

View our video below or read more in our whitepaper to learn about HealthUnity’s TRANSFORMEDICINE and how it is uniquely designed to meet the challenging requirements for our rapidly changing healthcare system.


Does Healthcare IT Have a New Mascot?

By Lisa Santos, marketing representative at HealthUnity

I went to the movies this past weekend with my children to see the new animated Disney blockbuster, Big Hero 6. The movie is outstanding – great story that was both touching and comical with terrific graphics. But what struck me the most was the main robot character, Baymax. He is a friendly inflatable robot designed to consult and heal people when they are ill or hurt. Pretty much, he is your personal teledoctor, except he engages as soon as you make a sound of distress or physical pain. In the above picture, he is asking the main character his level of pain on a scale from 1-10.

Working in healthcare IT for nearly a decade, I couldn’t stop thinking about the impact of this movie. We have come a far way in transforming medicine if there are characters in Disney movies that are centered on healthcare technology solutions. At the same time, I can’t stop thinking how much further we have to go. Baymax is a special character because he doesn’t exist today. He is a vision of what could be something one day.

I should also mention, Baymax can scan a person to record their vitals and can match and locate a person once they are stored in his database. There must be a master person index service (MPI) operating in him. :)

The movie has had great lasting power on my children as they have already drawn Baymax a number of times and continue to recite lines from the movie. If you have the time, I do recommend Big Hero 6 and if you are a healthcare professional or work within the healthcare industry, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on Baymax and the movie (@healthunity). I think we may have found the healthcare IT mascot to take us through the transformative years to come.




HealthUnity Votes YES to an Interoperable Healthcare System

It was just a matter of time before interoperability took the forefront and became the next big initiative in healthcare technology. We have seen the industry evolve significantly in the past 10 years, most notably with the introduction of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009 and now it is time to create an interoperable system and unleash the most powerful elements of a wired industry – communication, exchange and analytics!

At HealthUnity, we have been working to connect communities and establish health information exchanges for the past 10 years – before the movement was on the minds of many healthcare CIOs. We are thrilled that the Office of the National Coordinator has shifted their focus to interoperability.

We are ready to assist in transforming medicine and make healthcare a high operating connected system. Once these connections are live, we can improve communication, data exchange and truly report on a substantial pool of health data.

Stay abreast on the latest discussions to progress healthcare interoperability. Below is a quick summary of activities to date.

March 2014: The newly appointed ONC National Coordinator for Health IT, Karen DeSalvo, speaks at HIMSS14 in Orlando and stresses upcoming focus on interoperability.

June 2014: Karen DeSalvo, ONC National Coordinator for Health IT, announces reorganization to promote their next chapter of an “interoperable health IT solution.”

June 2014: ONC releases whitepaper outlining 10-year vision for interoperability

August 2014: ONC announces the launch of its online interoperability community enabling individuals to comment on the tactics for how to accomplish the 10-year interoperability vision.

September 2014: Initial comment period closes on online interoperability community. Karen DeSalvo speaks at AHIMA conference and again stresses interoperability is ONC’s top priority.

October 15, 2014: ONC releases draft 10-year interoperability roadmap
Additional materials from the day long joint HIT meeting, including audio are available on

January 2015: ONC projects the release of the 10-year interoperability roadmap for public comment


ONC Interoperability Roadmap Whitepaper Released

ONC Releases Whitepaper Outlining 10-Year Vision for Interoperability

Today, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT released its white paper addressing healthcare interoperability.

The white paper, Connecting Health and Care for the Nation: A 10-Year Vision to Achieve an Interoperable Health IT Infrastructure, outlines guiding principles, offers a “how will we do it” section, and lays out a 3-year, 6-year and 10-year vision for achieving interoperability.

HealthUnity® Teams with ClearDATA to Deploy its Comprehensive Direct Messaging Solution for One of the Country’s Largest Hospital Systems

Bellevue, WA – 5/20/2014 – HealthUnity®, a leading health information technology company dedicated to secure, privacy-protected health information acquisition, integration, exchange and analysis, and ClearDATA, a leading healthcare cloud computing platform and HIPAA-compliant hosting service provider, have joined forces to successfully complete the implementation of secure Direct Messaging capabilities with Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (CCD-A) transfer for one of the largest hospital systems in the nation.

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HealthUnity Healthysite™ receives 2014 ONC HIT Certification

Bellevue, WA – 4/15/2014 – HealthUnity® announced today that Healthysite™ Release 2014 is compliant with the ONC 2014 Edition criteria and was certified as an EHR Module on February 7, 2014 by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT®), an ONC-ACB, in accordance with the applicable certification criteria for hospitals adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. The ONC 2014 Edition criteria support both Stage 1 and 2 meaningful use measures required to qualify eligible providers and hospitals for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Read more

HealthUnity Introduces Suite of Clinical Integration Solutions at HIMSS14

Bellevue, WA – 2/20/2014 – HealthUnity®, a leading healthcare technology company dedicated to secure, privacy-protected health information acquisition, integration, exchange and analysis, will be introducing its wide array of clinical integration solutions at the HIMSS14 Annual Conference and Exhibition, February 23-27 in Orlando, Florida. Read more